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D’. Palais Louis: A power symbol inspired by France


Inspired by the Palace of Versailles (France) of the French King Louis XIV, D’. Palais Louis  creates a lifestyle worthy of the elite by putting on show top-notch artistic and craftmanship values.

It seems easy for a real estate participant to put such words as “luxury”, “elegant” and “classy” before any medium-grade project. Perhaps, that is why, and for his own rationale, Mr. Do Anh Dung, Chairman of Tan Hoang Minh Group, introduced to the market a true symbol of power and class.

Mr. Dung has visited many countries and taken earnest efforts in learning historical iconic structures. Only when contemplating the Palace of Versailles did he make the final decision: The iconic Palace of the Sun King would be the inspiration for his D’ Palais Louis in Hanoi.

Design masterpiece: Timeless values

Inspired by the Palace of Versailles, D’. Palais Louis’s architecture harmoniously integrated the balance and sustainability of 17th and 18th century French architecture and the buning and liberal emotions of Baroque architecture.

It should be a very long way to turn the idea into real life. It requires not only a huge bulk of effort, but also a leader’s mind and vision. Only sketching and design took up to 24 months. Many world’s famous architects were enlisted, and eventually just Japanese architects could produce the final design, yet only after a lot of corrections.

D’. Palais Louis: A power symbol inspired by France

It can be said that, much or less, D’. Palais Louis is the “Haute Couture” of the architectural world. Mr. Do Anh Dung traveled to many countries to hand-pick materials for the first apartments. He himself ordered workpieces from the Italian first-rate craftsmen. This partly tells how the project took so long to complete. “I am not rich enough to try cheap materials for D’. Palais Louis. Perfection always comes at a cost; and I don’t want to try and then remove unworthy workpieces for my brainchild,” said Mr. Do Anh Dung.

Level of investment: Fulfilled life

It must be said that all the cream has been topped up for this project. In simplier words, Mr. Do Anh Dung did not mind “Showing Hand” for the D’. Palais Louis gamble. Only the exterior and interior marble tiles costed up to VND 200 billion, equivalent to nearly 10 million USD. The marble tiles must be classy and durable enough to ensure hundreds years of useful life – which means that an apartment of D’. Palais Louis would make home for multiple family generations. For the hall dome, 3 Italian artists who  made Kremlin Palace’s paintings were enlisted to make a masterpiece of painting. The painting itself took as long as 6 months.

D’. Palais Louis: A power symbol inspired by France

5 apartments share one floor, but the residence has four elevators – which means that there is nearly zero likelihood of sharing an elevator with strangers. But this costs quite a sizable amount; as only the elevator costed USD 1.5 million (nearly VND 35 billion). Boeing’s strict standards for glass quality were applied. Mr. Do Anh Dung ordered Otis glass domes for the elevators from the original manufacturer of Boeing’s aircraft glass. The radiolucent glass ensures the overall building aesthetics, while creating a sense of deceleration during high-speed operation of the elevator and giving user comfort.

In one or other way, every experience in D’. Palais Louis must be crafts and arts oriented and embody perfection. Therefore, if the stonework of the hall marble cladding does not look natural, it would be peeled all off and redone. High-class quality marble slabs of world’s five-star hotels is just a necessary condition. The sufficient condition is that they must be handled and tiled properly – in the way of D ‘ Palais Louis.

Versailles is an icon that sets the top-notch standard of luxury for the entire Europe. D’. Palais Louis itself is another icon, which defines the premium standards of a fulfilled, valued and classy life. Are you ready to experience or live in Versailles space right in Hanoi?