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D’. Palais Louis – A timeless real estate masterpiece


D ‘. Palais Louis is built to become a timeless real estate masterpiece, the best quality product of Tan Hoang Minh Group. Therefore, we have devoted all our heart and desire along with relentless efforts during more than 10 years to create a unique project in Vietnam.

The project is built on a land area of 4.701m2 (Four thousand- seven hundred squared metres) with 32 floors, 4 basements and 242 unique designed apartments, serving for the elites of Vietnam. D ’. Palais Louis is a perfect combination of luxurious neoclassical architecture and the highest artistic values.
Especially, with the desire to build a timeless project, we have applied the most advanced construction technologies and techniques, accepting a much higher cost to ensure D ‘. Palais Louis has eternal endurance.
Perhaps, this is a the only project in Vietnam that can stand earthquakes up to 12 riches through the system of 2 large swimming pools located on the 28th floor at a height of 120m symmetrical through hard core; which seem like two pendulum pendants for distribution, stabilizing the balance of the whole building under abnormal loads.

In addition, the entire column and core structure of the project is made of high-strength steel, with 02 layers and anti-shear belts and diaphragm wall systems designed to be 32m deep from the ground. In case the building is affected by earthquakes as well as factors of abnormal forces caused by nature transmitted to the foundation, the work still ensures safety, stability and sustainability throughout the use process.
Moreover, one of the unique point of project D ’. Palais Louis is the garage basement which is designed by Japanese Chief Architect named Katsuki, with a 3% slope as walking on the ground. In addition, the apartment complex is also fully equipped smart-home technology controlled via ipad, smartphone or electronic devices. The apartments are guaranteed to be private, with separated wall, there is a space of 10cm between 2 walls of 2 apartments to prevent noise. Pipes, electricity, air conditioners … are all covered with insulation for noise isolation.

Mr. Do Anh Dung – Chairman of Tan Hoang Minh Group himself traveled to Europe to choose and bring the most artistic and architectural values in the world to D ‘. Palais Louis project. Each item here costs huge amounts of money with many years to complete. For example, the entire exterior of the tower and the four sides of the skylight are facing natural granite by hanging rock method for the first time in Vietnam, costing more than VND 200 billion with 3 years of construction. This is also the only apartment project in Vietnam with 8 open sides through the 400m wide skylight system located in the middle of the building with a modern music- water system.
Inside the hall, there is a magnificent space with a 12.5m high dome decorated with Italian artist’s hand-painting, working during 6 months. The whole hall is lined with Marble and onyx, which were selected from rare quarries in European countries. In addition, the system of 6 spherical Otis elevators using curved glass manufactured by Boeing’s specialized company, appeared for the first time in Vietnam with the price up to 300,000 euros per one elevator, is also a highlight at D ‘. Palais Louis.
With Tan Hoang Minh Group, D ‘. Palais Louis is not only a normal residential project, but also an architectural masterpiece of art that can be compared to the iconic buildings in the world.