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Luxury In Art & D’. Palais Louis: The rich know very well the life’s value


They do not run after superficial values but look for a life of high artistic values. Find out more about this through our interview with Ms. Dr.ssa Simonne Chevalier, representative of Luxury In Art, the maker of paintings for D’. Palais Louis of Tan Hoang Minh.

Mrs. Dr.ssa Simonne Chevalier and the painter working at D’. Palais Louis

Reporter: First of all, may you introduce about Luxury In Art, who is in charge of recreating Old Master paintings on the wall and dome of D’. Palais Louis?

Dr.ssa Simonne Chevalier: We are proud to be pioneer in putting luxury into life. The expression “pioneer in putting luxury into life” may sound a bit “cliché”, but let put it this way, those who are really rich would want to upgrade their life experience to the highest level.

At that point, they require the entire surroundings to be “imbued” with this spirit. The market has many top-notch luxury brands in every field, but no one has ever “turned” the living space of wealthy people into “Art Basel” exhibitions. And this is the niche that Luxury In Art spots!

Reporter: Can you tell what made Luxury In Art shake hand with D’. Palais Louis?

Dr.ssa Simonne Chevalier: It’s a long story. In fact, we are not a strange name to those practice in the luxury and high-end experience sector (laughs). I am proud to see that our past and on-going projects are making important milestones globally. Beside Vietnam, we have projects in Miami – where important Miami Art Basel events take place.

In London we also conduct a project. Our projects in Italy are adorning major and trendy cities like Milan, Florence and Rome. As for what really made Luxury In Art cooperate with D’. Palais Louis, we share visions. We pursue the real values, uniqueness and customer insights.

Reporter: May you talk more about these? What are the real values, uniqueness and customer insights shown in the works delivered by Luxury In Art to D’ Palais Louis?

Dr.ssa Simonne Chevalier: First of all, let’s talk about customers understanding. In fact, I know quite a lot of Vietnamese newspapers reported that our art works took 6 months. However, this should be taken for only paintings that our artists painted at the dome.

We spent the rest of our time working on wall paintings in Italy. But the total painting time is in fact not as long as the time for learning about the future homeowners of this project. We had to come to Vietnam, not only to visit the building but also to meet the future owners, listen to them and figure out their needs.

It can be said that Luxury In Art is very proud of this project, not only for the paintings sophistication, but more importantly, for our insight into customers and satisfaction of their artistic needs.

Famous artists of Luxury In Art made the paintings at D’. Palais Louis

Reporter: How about authenticity an uniqueness, ma’am?

Dr.ssa Simonne Chevalier: It must be challenging to distinguish these values. However, I must say that the paintings at D’. Palais Louis are truly unique and high-end art. We have researched on customers and the project itself before putting on show the Old Master paintings. I indeed have seen many Vietnamese households unknowingly decorating their home with copies of contemporary paintings.

Old Master paintings are different… They are high-class paintings and almost impossible to buy. The impossibility is not about the price, but the question of “conservation”. These paintings are considered as a common heritage of human kind.

No one will critisize if you recreate the portrait of Queen Marie-Antoinette by Élisabeth Vigée or Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s The Swing on your walls. And that is why we picked these works of art for the new “basilica” of the truly powerful people in Vietnam.

Hand-drawn paintings at the hallways made by Italian artists

Reporter: Could you say more about the trend of putting art into life of the luxury world?

Dr.ssa Simonne Chevalier: I suppose this is not a new trend… in the luxury industry in general. However, it should be admitted that this practice requires not only artists but also investors who are financially competent and look for a real high-end life – where they are surrounded by arts.

And we are proud to have a chance of cooperation with Tan Hoang Minh Group in D’. Palais Louis project, which helps us connect with people who understand and appreciate life values!
Thank you very much!